drivers-bill-fitting-large.jpgBill Fitting

Wild Bill and Cody
Nevada City, CA

Driver: Bill Fitting

Crew: Mike and Austin Arnerich, Cody Fitting, George Travers, Matt Travers, Dave Sundet, Ken MacDonald, Howard Borel

Class: AA/Supercharged The Baddest of the Gassers
Car: 33 Willys Coupe
Motor: 433 cubic inch Chrysler Hemi with Allen Johnson Heads and Crane Came
Chassis: 25.1D certified chassis built by Fitting Company, with torsion bar suspension
Paint and Flame Layout by Howard Borel


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Blacksmiths Hot Rod Bar & Grill
C & L Enterprises
Rebies Machine Shop
Pro Backhoe Service
Howard's Custom Paint
Kicker Kraft Race Car Bodies 408-776-1444


"I became hooked on Gassers in the mid 60's, as a young boy, while attended drag races, at Fremont Drag Strip, with my older brother Allan Fitting. Those early Gassers were the craziest Hot Rods I had ever seen. They were wild and unpredictable and I would dream about someday having one myself. The 33 Willys became the car I loved and in the mid 70's, my dream of driving one of these cars began to happen. A friend asked me one day, if I wanted a steel 33 coupe, as if he had to ask right. My reply was when can I have it. A week later there she was, a bit rough, but nothing I couldn't fix. After years of collecting parts and building, I drove my own 33 Willys in 1979. I still have this car and I plan to enjoy my Hot Rod forever. In 1994 the opportunity to race a 33 Willys came my way and after discussing this with my great wife, we agreed to go racing. I thought it would be breeze, so off we went. I first built a steel 33 Willys 2 door sedan and stuffed a blown big block in it. I planned to run the car in the fastest Street Rod Class, but shortly after completion, the class ended. I raced the car for awhile and had set about building a Kicker Kraft 33 Willys Coupe, when at the last race I had planned for this car, the drive shaft clips came out of my expensive drive shaft and locked up the rear wheels, spinning the car in the lights and rolling it. During this time, I became directly involved in promoting the Gassers of the 90's. Blown Alcohol Gassers were the new deal and we were on the forefront of a new chapter in Gasser Racing. I helped orginize several Associations and am currently a director in the AA/Supercharged Association. I currently race the AA/S Wild Bill & Cody 33 Willys throughout the Northwest and Canada. I have been very lucky to have had this great experience, that involves so many people, many of whom I don't know, but am very grateful they enjoy our cars and the show we put on. I wish to thank my family, my good friends, our crew, and my Lord Jesus Christ.