The Gassers 2017 Race Series Schedule

  • Woodburn Season Opener May 20-21
  • Firebird Raceway Oldies but Goodies June 3-4
  • Woodburn Oldies but Goodies June 24-25
  • Mission Old Time Drags Aug 5-6
  • Woodburn Hot Rod Nationals Aug 12-13


The Gassers 2016 Race Series Schedule

  • Woodburn Dragstrip Season Opener May 21st & 22nd                rain out
  • Firebird Raceway Oldies but Goodies June 4th & 5th                   Winner: Scott White                  
  • Woodburn Dragstrip Oldies but Goodies June 25th & 26th           Winner: Howard Anderson
  • Pacific Raceways Oldies but Goodies July 9th & 10th                    Winner: Scott White
  • Mission Canada Langly Loafers Old Time Drags July 30th & 31st   Winner: Scott White
  • Woodburn Dragstrip Hot Rod Nationals August 13th & 14th          Winner: Scott White