To become a voting member, member must have raced an AA/Supercharged Car in eliminations at an AA/S sanctioned race in the past two (2) years, must currently own a AA/Supercharged Car and is required to be a current paid member / one car one vote. A new member is required to wait for one year before being eligible to vote. New members must be voted in and conversely a member can also be voted out. Must be a member to race with AA/Supercharged. Membership dues to be $400.00 per year. If dues are paid before the last day of the first month of each year, a $50.00 discount (off the $400.00) will be given. They will be eligible for the track purse as provided by the Association. To have voting rights for annual meeting dues must be paid by the first race of the current race year.

The AA/Supercharged Association is run by a five member board of directors, available to answer questions concerning these rules. One board member will be selected as spokes person for our members as well as track personnel.

The AA/Supercharged Association holds a year end meeting once a year. A Board of Directors is voted in each year. An emergency meeting can be held if 70% of the voting members are in attendance. In order to add or change a rule, an 80% vote in favor is required to pass. In a hardship situation the board can approve a representative to vote for the member.

If available a tech inspector should be appointed by the board for enforcement of all published rules. 

Rules changes occur at a meeting.

AA/Supercharged Eliminations are run on an eight car sportsman ladder. 1 vs 5, 2 vs 6, 3 vs 7, 4 vs.8. If one of the eight cars doesn’t qualify it will be placed in the number 8 position on the ladder. If a qualified car cannot make the call for first round, the first available non-qualified car, based on the final qualifying order, will take that position and the ladder will remain in the same order. In final qualifying position legal cars will bump non-legal fill cars down the ladder.  All pairings will be as shown on the ladder, first pair runs first etc. This is done to simplify the running order so that all racers will know were to place their cars in the staging lanes. The association can allow filler cars to participate if the car count is low. Filler cars can not win or accrue points. Non-qualifier money when available should be ½ of the first round payout money.  First round money should be $800.00 as a goal. 

Championship Points System

Qualifying Points:  #1-80 Points, #2-70 Points, #3-60 Points, #4-50 Points, #5-40 Points, #6-30 Points, #7-20 Points, #8-10 Points

100 Points for each event attended. 900 Points for a Win, 700 Points for Runner-up, 500 Points for Second Round Finish, 300 Points for a First Round Loss

471 Bonus Points for Attending all Events       


1. Body: All cars must be approved by the current membership and will be considered on a case by case basis.  Must be pre-1973.  No roadsters allowed.  Bodies may be fiberglass, steel, carbon fiber, or aluminum. All body modifications must be approved by the Board of Directors. Trunk lids and rear body section must stay in the original O.E.M. height position. Full body (side profile) line adjacent to the trunk must be visible. Minor body modifications allowed; check with Board of Directors before modifying. Rear fenders cannot be raised above body profile. If the trunk lid were removed and a straight edge placed across the opening, the rear fenders cannot be raised any higher than the straight edge. Windshield lay back must be approved by the Board of Directors. All cars must have original appearing grille,  headlights and tail lights. Main body cannot be narrowed. Air dams to be reviewed by Board of Directors. For new cars to be voted in, the body must meet 80% compliance as determined by the Board of Directors and meet 100% of the drive train rules.

2. Engine: Aluminum blocks and heads allowed. Only one ignition system allowed. Only blown alcohol motors allowed. 

3.  Manifold – Must be a single plenum with no extra devices and 8 runners

4. Ignition System: No digital ignition systems allowed, no timing changing devices allowed.  Only one engine RPM rev limiter allowed for engine over rev only. An ignition system consists of individual components not exceeding one of each of the following:  Magneto, Coil, Points Box and Crank Trigger. No timing change can occur after the car is started, excluding the Leahy starting retard device, that can be only actuated by the starter button and be used for starting purposes only. Timing retard for a maximum of 1 (one) second from launch will be allowed on Torque Converter operated cars subject to Board of Directors approval.

5. Clutch: Clutch can only be operated by driver. No pneumatic, hydraulic, electronic or other semi-automatic or full automatic controls allowed.

6. Supercharger: Roots type only, no hi-helix, 671 in size, fifteen inch rotor length maximum, 65% maximum overdrive. Modifications allowed on 3 lobe blowers, no modifications on 2 lobe blowers. Internal case length dimensions not to exceed fifteen and twenty thousands inches. No openings allowed in rear end plate. End plate not to exceed twenty thousandths inches clearance to the end of the rotor Diameter of case not to exceed stock case dimension. Rear end plate must be flat, no grooves, pockets or angle cuts. 5.845 inches maximum rotor diameter, maximum case length 18.25 inches, no billet cases. End plates must extend into the blower case to meet the required inside case length dimension. Teflon striping allowed in end plates. Blower must be driven from front, with drive gears located in front of rotors. No gears allowed behind rotors. Intake air allowed only through top of blower. Discharge air only allowed through bottom of blower.  No attachments to the blower. 

7. Fuel: Alcohol only. No timers on fuel system. Only one manually controlled solenoid will be allowed in the fuel system.

8. An air activated (launch only) throttle control allowed, activated by an electric trans brake button only.

9. Transmission: Lenco and planetary type transmissions allowed. Automatic and converter drive transmissions allowed. Number of forward speeds not to exceed four.

10. Windows: Should be made of lexan. Door windows must close.

11.Fenders: Front and rear required. No radical modifications for aerodynamic purposes allowed.

12. Interior: Not required. Nomex recommended.

13. Driver: Must sit on left side of car.

14. Frame and Weight: 2350 minimum. 200 pounds removable allowed. 5.5 pounds per cubic inch required. All weights will be with driver. Full frame required as per NHRA requirements. Suspension required on all four wheels. Engine set back limited to 15% of the wheel base. If two-thirds of the voting members believe a car to be aerodynamically superior, then the Association will have an aerodynamic report done and the weight added, if any, will be based on the recommendations of said report. 

15. Wheelbase: If a car has less than a 110 inch wheelbase, it may be extended to 110 inches. If the O.E.M. car has a wheelbase greater than 111.5 inches, it may be extended to 115.5 inches. Stock O.E.M. openings must remain in their original location in cars that have a wheelbase greater than 115.5 inches. The stock O.E.M. openings can never be moved closer to each other.

16. Wings: Maximum wing surface not to exceed 750 square inches. Location: the trailing edge of the wing cannot be greater than 12 inches behind the rear of the body. The wing cannot be higher than 12 inches above the roof. Sedan type cars will be considered on an individual basis. Contact the Board of Directors for assistance.

17. Spoilers: Spoilers cannot exceed 2750 square inches. Spoiler can extend a maximum of 12 inches behind the body. Spoiler mountings must be 3.5 (three and one-half) inches narrower than body. Spill plates which rise above the spoiler surface can be as wide as the body. Full body line (side profile) adjacent to the trunk must be visible from the side and rear of car. Spoiler must start behind front trunk edge and may not raise higher than front trunk edge elevation. Rear of trunk must be visible. Contact the Board of Directors for assistance.

18. Reinsertion will happen when a qualified car cannot pull to the starting line for the first round of eliminations. The reinserted car will receive money and points after the first round. If insertion takes place after the first round, the inserted car will be paid $200, if the funds are available, for the run. The inserted car cannot win the round. The inserted car will automatically lose. Insertion after the first round is for exhibition only.

19. Bodies may be widened up to six inches, with the approval of the Board of Directors.

20.No painted on windows allowed.

21. For sale signs must be approved by the board and may be no larger than 6”X11”

22. Both front passenger doors must function and the driver must enter and exit the car through one of these doors in the staging lanes or at the starting line.

23. No front end vertical blade extensions allowed beyond approved body style.

24. If a racer attends a race with an illegal car after his or her 1 year grace period was used to fix a rules violation, said racer will not receive any purse money for that race. Purse money will be equally distributed to the other 7 qualified cars.  Said illegal car cannot race again until fixed and approved by the Board of Directors. 


 Conduct of all AA/Supercharged Members, Member Crew, Family and Guest:

The Board of Directors are the judges of the conduct of our Members, Member's Crew, Family and Guests. If a complaint is lodged to the Board of Directors concerning the conduct of a member, members crew, family or guest, or if the Board of Directors is reprimanded or warned for the conduct of one of its Members, member's crew, family or guests, they are hereby instructed to give a written warning to the member who causes the violation. If a second reprimand or warning is given within a three year period, concerning one of our members, to one of our Board Members, by any of the race tracks we attend, or others affected, then the AA/Supercharged Membership commands the Board of Directors to send out to the AA/Supercharged Membership a ballot for the Membership to decide whether or not the member should be voted out of the Association for violation.

All Communication with the track must be done by the assigned Spokes Person on behalf of the Board of directors.



(8-Car AA/Supercharged field must be filled before A/Supercharged class can be run. Two cars required)

All AA/Supercharged Association rules will be the same for A/Supercharged with the following additions:

1. This class will be fielded by the first four cars eliminated in the first round of AA/Supercharged Eliminations and any non-qualifiers. The A/Supercharged Eliminator will run first round of eliminations behind the second round of AA/Supercharged. If the final A/Supercharged round cannot be completed at the race, it will be completed in the second qualifier at the next race.

2. This class is restricted by an index. The current index is 7.20 e.t. If all A/Supercharged Drivers agree prior to first round of A/Supercharged eliminations, the index can be changed or eliminated prior to the start of competition.