Our annual meeting was held November 9th at Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, Oregon

This was an excellent place to have a meeting and we hope to return again in the future.

 Our first order of business was to crown the 2013 AA/S Champion. Troy Owen had a blockbuster year with a New AA/ S record of 6.45 seconds and a clean sweep of every race contested this year.

This was Troy’s second Championship in as many years and I am sure he will be gunning for a three peat. There are 8 or 10 cars out there that will be trying to take the crown away next year so it should be an exciting year of racing.

The second award went to Joel Matton and the DIGGIN Racing team. Joel’s award was for hardest working and most improved team. Joel had many firsts this year with his first 6 second run, first 200 MPH run and his best ET of 6.71.

 The third award went to the White Family Racing recognizing their 10th year of being a AA/S member.

 Congratulations to all of the winners.

 The remainder of the meeting was discussing a few procedural changes within our association to help things run smoother.

 We will be making some exciting changes to our Facebook page this year to help keep everyone informed as to what we are doing and to help you get to know each of us better.

Debbie Fauble has volunteered to take this task on and I am sure she will do a great job. A special thanks to Bill Fitting for all of his years of keeping our Facebook page updated.

 Next year should be an exciting year as we will have back some of our older members that were unable to race this year as well as the addition of a  couple of new cars.

I am also excited to report we have voted in a new member. His name is Chad Wahlberg and he has recently purchased the awesome 37 FORD  that was previously owned by Ed Moss. This is an all FORD combination with a very unique FORD power plant. Stop by and get to know Chad next year and check it out.

 As special thanks to Mike O’Connor and Mike Weis for bringing their cars out this year and helping us meet our car count commitments. You were a big part of this year’s success.

 We are already working on scheduling for next year and we hope to have some exciting additions to our 2014 race schedule. We will get race dates posted as soon as we get things firmed up with each track.

 Our new board of Directors are the same as our old Board of Directors as Mitch Chamberlin, Joel Matton and Dave Owen were voted back in for the 2014 season.

Our new Appearance Committee members are the same as well with the return of Garry Fauble, Scott Wyke and Monte Grubb.

 We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and coming out to watch us race our old Hot Rods.

We look forward to putting on an even better show for you in 2014.

 Have a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Last Race





We had a full field of cars at the season final in Medford but persistent rain throughout the day ended our hopes for a fun race.

Kudos to all of the Champion Raceway staff for their efforts to dry things out and give us a race able track. We were able to get in 2 qualifiers and once again Mitch Chamberlin was #1 followed by Scott Wyke, Bill Fitting, Garry Fauble, Troy Owen, Joel Matton, Mike Molea, and Mike O’Connor. Gary Reinero was also in attendance but due to the weather and his long haul, decided to race another day.

We made the best of it and all got together for a potluck dinner Saturday night. We had a great time enjoying each other’s company one last time at the race track.


2013 was an awesome year with many firsts and many new personal best runs. We also had 7 scheduled races this year which challenged all of us to prepare for.  A big Thank You to all of the tracks for inviting us to put on a show.


Once again Troy Owen took home the 2013 AA/S Championship and did it in stellar fashion by winning every race. I am sure everyone will be working hard throughout the winter getting ready for next season to challenge Troy for the Championship.


We appreciate all of the support from everyone and look forward to even a better show in 2014.

We look forward to seeing everyone next year.


Next up will be our annual business meeting on Nov. 9th.

Troy Owen Wins Double Header and the Championship!

What a year the Legends team has had. The rained out Oldies But Goodies race was run during qualifying for the Hot Rod Nationals at the Woodburn Dragstrip. Not only did Troy Owen qualify #1 with dad Dave Owens great tune-ups but won both the Oldies and Hot Rod races. That was enough to wrap up the Championship points race for the 2013 season. Congratulations to the whole Legends Team.

It was great to have 3 teams back racing after being out so far this season, thanks to Gary Reinero, Bill Fitting and Scott Wyke for putting on a great show.

Howard Anderson Qualified in the #2 spot but had shock and clutch problems which could not be solved at the track, we are sure he will be back again with more excellent runs as his team is always a top performer.

The AA Supercharged group had a great barbeque dinner Saturday night hosted by the Legends team, fun was had by all.

Troy Owen takes the win in Mission.


Eliminations were exciting on Sunday with very close racing. The Owen team thrashed through the night to change motors after exiting a rod out of their #1 motor. They got the job done with time to spare and got the lucky draw with a bye in the first round. They needed it as their Mag decided it was done and the motor would not rev. Mitch Chamberlin had a close race with Howard Anderson and came out on top with the win. Joel Matton won his first round and Monte Grubb could not make the call due to a burned piston and no spares to fix it.

This set up Mitch and Joel and Troy and Monte for the second round. With Monte broke, Troy again got the lucky side of the ladder. The race between Joel and Mitch was exciting. Mitch had a problem at about 60 foot and had to pedal. Joel motored on for the win. It was Joel and Troy to the final.

This was sure to be very close race. Joel came prepared and ready to put the Legends car on the trailer. Joel left first with an .026 light to Troy’s .056 light. Troy was able to make up the difference and powered on for his 4th  win of the season.


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