Final 2017 AA/S points standings

1. Scott White  4791

2. Joel Matton  3321

2. Mike O'Connor  2891

4. Greg McCollum 1610

5. Monte Grubb 1170

6. Gary Reinero  850

7. Jim Godec 630

8. Kevin Bean 510

9. Chuck Moore  470

10. Gary Fauble 200

Last Race


The 2017 Woodburn Dragstrip Oldies but Goodies Drags were run under hot sweltering conditions.  Kudos to the Woodburn staff for providing an excellent racing surface in less than ideal conditions.  Qualifying saw the White Family racing team take down the association record with a blast of 6.444 seconds that had been long held by the Owen Family team, who happened to be in attendance running the family fuel altered.  In the final long time AA/S veterans the Anderson brothers looked to get the jump on the White family but unfortunately their 38 Chevy lurched forward turning on the red light.  See how the action went down by visiting the ladder from the menu above.

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