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Troy Owen wins his Third Consecutive AA/ S Championship

For the 3rd year in a row Troy Owen powered his way to yet another Championship. In round 2 with Mitch going out early, Troy celebrated and saluted the crowd with a ½ track smokey burnout.

This was a bitter sweet victory as the Legends team had worked hard all season to accomplish this goal but in one more round it was to be the last time the Legends car with Troy driving would go down the track.

This was the end of the AA/S career for Troy, something he and the whole team had treasured and dreamed of accomplishing. It was a fitting end and tribute to our friend and driving force, Dana Wilt. We know he is proud of our accomplishments and is looking down with pride and joy for us.

Thanks for all of the Memories.


Howard Anderson sets the performance bar and wins the Hot Rod Nations

 Woodburn Hot Rod Nationals would end up being our last race of the season as we had just been notified that the race at Champion Raceway was canceled due to the upgrade of their track racing surface. This was a disappointment as we always love to race at Champion but are very excited to hear they were finally able to put a deal together to upgrade their facility. We look forward to racing there next year.


Qualilifying was nothing short of spectacular as the Anderson tem set personal best times on the way to the #1 spot.

Qualifying was

  1. Howard Anderson 6.507
  2. Troy Owen 6.550
  3. Mitch Chamberlin 6.654
  4. Gary Reinero 6.72
  5. Mike Molea 6.87
  6. Joel Matton 6.95
  7. Garry Fauble 7.85
  8. Chad Walberg no time


We had a full 8 car field again and the racing was going to be exciting as this race would determine the 2014 AA/S Champion. The top 2 points cars were Troy Owen in the #1 spot and Mitch Chamberlin in the #2 spot. Mitch would have to go 1 more round than Troy in order to win.

First round was Howard Anderson over Mike Molea, Troy Owen over Joel Matton, Mitch Chamberlin over Garry Fauble and Gary Reinero over Chad Walberg.

Round 2 was Howard Anderson over Mitch Chamberlin and Troy Owen over Gary Reinero. With Mitch losing in round 2 this earned Troy the Championship.

There was more racing to do and once again it was the #1 and #2 qualifiers paired up for the final. Troy was out first but his 6.550 was no match for Howards awesome 6.500.

Congratulations to the Anderson team.


Troy Owen runs the table at Mission Raceway

Mission was our fifth race of the season and everyone is watching the points chase and running their best performances of the year. This was the very first race on a newly finished all concrete race track. Everyone’s expectations were high as the new surface was excellent and the weather was near perfect.

Qualifying was

  1. Troy Owen 6.58
  2. Mitch Chamberlin 6.75
  3. Joel Matton 6.81
  4. Mike Moleas 6.91
  5. Chad Walberg


The race came down to Troy Owen and Mike Molea in the final. It was a very exciting race with Troy leaving first and having to lift which caused a horrendous wheel stand. Troy was not going to lift as he got around Mike with a 7.073 to Mike’s 7.555

Troy had an awesome weekend with a 31 qualifier, new track ET record 6.587, new track MPH record 211.61, the win and the points lead heading into Woodburn.



Troy Owen doubles up and wins Seattle.

Seattle was a very hot race with temperatures near 100. This turned out to be no problem for Troy and his team as he quaulified number 1. With a 6.542 and set a new AA/S speed record of 218.51

This was also a great race for the Molea team as they recorded their first 200 MPH run at over 202 MPH.

The final again was between the #1 and #2 qualifier and again Troy powered on for the win with a 6.579 to Mitch Chamberlin’s 6.801



TROY OWEN breaks draught and wins his first race of the season.

The 2014 Woodburn Oldies but Goodies race was a wild one with record performances.

The rained out Season Opener was finished on Saturday during the qualifying for Sundays race. The race was won by Mitch Chamberlin against Howard Anderson.

In qualifying it was

  1. Mitch Chamberlin  6.530
  2. Troy Owen 6.590
  3. Howard Anderson 6.638
  4. Mike Molea 7.051
  5. Bill Fitting 7.42
  6. Joel Matton no time

The final round came down to the #1 and #2 qualifiers and both were ready for the win.

Troy Owen left first and never looked back with a 6.565 to Mitch Chamberlin’s problem plagued run of 7.885.


Woodburn Raceway - New speed record set!!!

The make-up Race for the rained out Opener was held on Saturday during qualifying At the end of the day  Mitch Chamberlin and Howard Anderson were in the final. Howard was a little to quick at the hit and red lit but that did not keep Mitch from backing up a previous record speed with a 6.593 et and 216.81. the record to beat now will be 217.44 MPH.



Firebird Raceway

First round of qualifying on a beautiful Saturday afternoon showed the ups and downs of AA/Supercharged racing. First up was Troy Owen and Joel Matton. Troy broke the long time existing records with a 6.765 et at 209.69 mph and that was at a corrected altitude of more than 4000 feet. He would come back to lower the record to a 6.763! Next was Mitch Chamberlin and Scott Wyke, while Mitch was completing his burn out Scott was on the ride of his life. The Willy-B-Gone car decided to make a hard right into the wall then launched into the air once again landing on all fours with the throttle hung open by a broken injector hat. Scott got out of the car on his own and was OK.

In the final it was Mitch and Troy with a very close side by side race with Mitch coming out on top. Congrats to the Rod Father Team on their first win of the season.

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